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The Glass Swallow

The Glass Swallow - Julia Golding Since I liked the first book lots, I had decided that I wanted to read the companion book. And no, I was not disappointed at all! In fact, I liked it a lot, although it wasn't as good as Dragonfly.I'm glad that this wasn't exactly continuing Ramil and Taoshira's story, because they don't really deserve to go through any more adversity after all they've already been through, and I'm just glad to say that they lived happily ever after.So, Rain, the protagonist, is a stubborn and adventurous character, and independent, and realistic. She's insecure sometimes and a whole chunk of defiant. She shows that, in a sexist world, women can do something that matters and that's pretty amazing. Peri. I got excited when he first came to be introduced to the story because I knew that he was the character that Rain was to fall in love with, or at least, meet, but knowing Julia Golding's writing style, I knew there was gonna be at least a little romance, right? Peri is a great guy. He gets angered easily, although I feel like it's sorta a version if irritated worry. He worries too much, LOL. I find that somewhat annoying and somewhat cute. His exterior is calm, however, like I said, he's always worrying for the people who he cares for. The romance is so cute. It's not really love at first sight and it's not too strong like I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I'D DIE FOR YOU. Actually, I'm a fan of that hardcore strong romance, but Julia Golding romance is just FLIPPING TOO CUTE TO HANDLE. The setting is absolutely perfect, I love it.You can tell I loved this book.