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Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare My emotions are a jumbled mess right now, and my feelings and emotions are, actually, ineffable. I can't channel my feelings into words. What everyone needs to know, though, is that I would give this book however many stars I feel like I need to give it, however high a rating this should deserve, and clearly, that is more than the maximum of what Goodreads offers to let me rate.. I would rate this much more than a 5 stars. For those of you who know me, you should all be wondering-- why isn't Liana screaming right now? (LOL.) Well, the answer to that question is that my feelings are ineffable and I feel as if my heart has been ripped into pieces and then hastily glued together again.. But don't get me wrong, this wasn't a depressing book.. My point is, Cassandra Clare, or should I say, Judith Rumelt, is a writing goddess.I have been anticipating this book for about 7-8 months already, and I was overjoyed when I finally got my hands on it.And, no, I have not bawled so much times in my life in the duration of reading ONE BOOK. Clockwork Princess was seriously my bawl-and-laugh-and-bawl-and-sob-and-tear-up-and-die-halfway book of the year.. Actually, I don't think I'll ever come across something as wonderful, glorious, amazing, and terrible as this ever again, or at least, anytime soon. My emotions are still ineffable at the moment and I fear (or not) that they will never be, truly translated into words.. for no words are good enough to describe---! Okay, let's just move on.. The rest of this review will contain spoilers, so, for those of you who have read this book, you'll understand me, and for those who haven't, bear with me and please do not continue-- for if you are merely searching for spoilers, I highly recommend that you do not continue, since the actual book will explain everything for you. It's not worth it to spoil it for yourself.. and for those who have not heard of Cassie Clare or TID or TMI before today, and have randomly stumbled across my review, JUST GO AND READ THE BOOKS DANGITnow to proceed... Let's say that I was dreading Jem's death, so, so much. I'm not really glad that he turned into a Silent Brother, and then turned back into Jem. Honestly, I don't really like how Tessa was in love with them both, causing all this drama. Honestly, I wanted Jem and Will to slowly fall for each other dearingly.. but then again, if they were to get together, I'm sure the mere topic of homosexuality was vulgar back then, and today, as well, for it's not truly accepted.. And if Will and Jem were to really have gotten together, there would be no Jace, or Isabelle, or Alec, or any of our wonderful TMI Shadowhunters. But really, my shipping of Jill Heronstairs has its reasons.. I loved both Will and Jem equally and I can't bear to see either of them suffer. They're both smoking hot, too! Dang. Anyways, back to Jem. I'm just glad that he didn't die off, that he found a cure for the yin fen and all.. Jem, being my fictional infatuation, will never leave my heart.. He's the perfect gentleman, and he taught me and undoubtedly many others that a male character does not need cockiness to make him hot, because Jem was kind and generous and caring, and he was hot, too, without a trace of cockiness at all. As some say, modest is the hottest. I like how Cassandra Clare made Tessa love both Will and Jem both, because we can't really choose one of them. I have much to say at the moment, but they all seem to be caught in my throat, or wanting to come out all at once in a jumble of gibberish.Even if there wasn't much romance in this book, I loved it, so much, that it has really brightened my year.Clockwork Angel, Prince, and Princess, will never leave my soul! Or my book collection, for that matter! I'm sad to say that I've finished this trilogy, but it'll never be goodbyeeeeee..That was cheesy. But I said, my feelings are INEFFABLE!I HATE DUCKS!-i hope to say more in my blog review.. http://bookaholicness.com-