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Someone Else's Life

Someone Else's Life - Katie Dale OH MY GODOH MY GODOHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWDIt's been a while since I've read a contemporary story, and this was exactly what I needed. Honestly, I was sick of all the dystopia and sci-fi and fantasy I've been reading a lot recently, and I just needed some good-old contemporary in my book reading life.Anyways, this was a recommendation from a friend (Cindy that's you k). Her recommendations are 95% PERFECT. At first, I was reluctant to read this because, well. I judged it. Again. Dangit, whenever a book seems so oh-so-boring, it ends up being the best book ever! Gah.What I found ironic about this read was that in my biology class, we're currently doing genetic disorders and diseases. And this book just so happened to educate all of us about Huntington's disease. It was pretty interesting!This whole entire storyline and plot was ridiculously complicated, and it became even more complicated at the near end. In the beginning, I was confused at who was narrating what, but all my questions were answered by the end of the book. If you try to explain this plot to someone, it's not gonna happen because it's too complicated to explain. That's why people have to read this book to see for themselves. (;Let me do character discussions. Every character is active in making the plot work, which I like a lot because there's that thing I love called character coordination.Rosie- I like Rosie, but it seems like she's too mature for her age because of what happened to her mom. It's always the parents that leave the burden upon the children, ain't it? Well, anyway. I like Rosie even though she irritated me a lot throughout the book with her reckless actions... But she's pretty responsible and independent. I like that.Holly- At first, I liked her, and then she was a bitch. And then she was a bigger bitch and then I became indifferent at the end. I could care less if she lived or died. I hate her that much. But I really understand her feelings-- what if some random girl waltzed into your life and took your whole family away? And what if all of that interfered with your engagement and your pregnancy? I can understand her but I don't know why she didn't put out more tolerance. And even if she couldn't control her anger she didn't have to get frickin' even.Andy- Andy seemed like an impatient guy in the beginning, and I didn't really like him that much. But throughout the book, when Rosie hurt him so much, he still came back for her and forgave her for everything. And he made the romance perfect, too! He didn't even have to be a hot and sexy and cocky male character for me to love him. Gotta love Andy!Josh- He wasn't a really important character, but I've got to say, this guy is very, very loyal, and he wouldn't storm off angrily. He would try to fix things, not stand there watching as the love of his life runs away from him. Josh is amazing!Katharine and Jack.. well. They make a cute couple. LOL. K. I love the romance in this book, seriously. Usually, I would view romance as the main and most important aspect in a book, but this book centered on family problems and drama and I liked reading about that a lot. The romance just made it 100x better.Overall, you can tell I loved this book.