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Diva (Flappers Series #3)

Diva - Jillian Larkin Oh, my. I was supposed to finish this book 3 days ago but I came out with a fever. So I didn't read for like, 2 days, which is really bad and I felt horrible because this book was so good, maybe too good to put down just because I was sick.But, anyways, I felt infinitely better last night (although I do feel sick now) and stayed up for about 2 hours in the bathroom and didn't go to sleep until 1. Guess what I was doing? Finishing this book! Looks like I got 200 pages down in 2 hours. I really am speeding back up.Anyways, Jillian Larkin is absolutely po-si-lute-ly fabulous. Did I say that already? Yeah, I did. This is one of the series in which I liked the first book the most. I mean, this one was great and all but the first one was where everything began, and I like the beginning. DIVA, no matter how fabulous of a conclusion it was, I still like VIXEN out of the three. (And Gloria and Lorraine are both gorgeous, however I have to admit that Clara sure rocks the covergirl looks)I'm sad to say goodbye to this series. (Dang, I've been reading third books in series recently. Ha.) This was a wonderful conclusion and it taught us about love, about determination, about redemption, and about friendship and loyalty. Some characters appear to me differently now, because of their positive endeavors. I won't say whom, but for those who've read this series I think y'all know who I'm talking about.That ending made me cry.Overall, the 1920's has become such a glamorous and beautiful decade to me, nevermind the flappers and the booze and the speakeasies. Jillian Larkin made it all fascinating.