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Ingenue (The Flappers Series #2)

Ingenue - Jillian Larkin After reading Vixen, the first book, I couldn't help myself. I couldn't wait to read this book. I read Vixen, like, last week.. I think. That's the thing about book series. Once you read the first book, you have to get the next book ASAP in case you forget everything that happened in the time period you're not in touch with the series. That happens to me a lot because I've read a variety of many books and I just happen to forget some characters sometimes.Me and my temporary dyslexia, though. At first, I thought this book was called Ingenuine. And then I thought it was called Ingennue. And then when I actually look at it, I'm like, oh. Omg. I didn't even know what an ingenue was until I cracked open this book.. Jillian Larkin taught me a new vocab word.. yay!Let's jump right into the character discussions. Gloria- I love her rebellious attitude. She's one hell of a good protagonist.Vera- She's a bitch, but at least she tried to redeem herself? LOL. Honestly, if Vera didn't exist in this book, everyone would have ended up dead. So I like her, now!Clara- And I thought she changed. But no. I think I liked her so much better in the first book, though. Her relationship with Marcus is really cute and all, and that's the point. How could she?Lorraine - Lorraine teaches us that redemption is everything. I still hate her though. LOL. Marcus - Marcus is too nice and caring and he doesn't deserve to be kept secrets from. He's understanding and I don't get why Clara didn't tell him merde.Jerome- Jerome's the same as ever, from the first book. I hope to get to know him better because I, and undoubtedly many other readers, still consider him a guy with a background. He's nice and caring and perfect for Gloria. He shows her that race doesn't matter and he's not afraid to back down because love has no limits.Hank- Hank omfg so done (I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE WHEN YOU WALKED IN)Yeah, can't wait to devour the next book. Honestly this whole entire book was just..