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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus)

The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan Someone tell me why I didn't pick this up earlier. (Probably intimidated by the thickness, which is nothing like me) I got this like, five months ago, aware of how good Rick Riordan was, and didn't pick it up 'till.. last week. Yeah, I know. I took forever. Mainly because I was procrastinating like there was no tomorrow, or it might have to do with the fact that I had too much homework. Idk. The main point is that I took so long on a Rick Riordan book which is such a shocker.Enough of that. Anyways, I loved loved loved this book. The cover is so gorgeous and the synopsis just makes your heart leap out of your throat. I originally thought that this was going to be a trilogy, but, guess not. I think that's a good thing! But gee, what a cliffhanger. What an ending. Ermaferkengerd.What I found ironic and slightly funny was that this included a few myths that I just barely learned. Such as, Echo and Narcissus. We were barely doing Greek mythology in our English Honors class and we learned the story of Helen of Troy, of Echo and Narcissus, (since we're reading The Odyssey atm) and I just crack open the book and see those myths. And it makes so much sense and it's so much funnier.Character Discussions-Percy- I LOVE PERCY JACKSON, PERIOD. HE'S FRICKIN AMAZING. He's such a sweet guy! Any girl would want a boyfriend like him.Annabeth- She's so much more mature, since she's older and all, but she's still the know-it-all daughter of Athena. Yes, love her.Hazel- Since she's from the past and all it's all kind of awkward. And no matter how cute they may seem, I do not ship her and Frank... Now that I think about it, there were really less Frazel moments in this book.Piper- She's great. LOL. Yeah, she's really caring and I know she would do anything to save the people she cared about.Jason- I feel like all he really did in this book was get knocked out. LOLOLOL. But yeah, Jason is amazing. He and Percy make such a great team. If they were single I would ship Percy and Jason so hard it would hurtLeo-LEO VALDEZ IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWSH HE'S SO AMAZING. The class clown that all the girls love. He's funny and creative and even more, he's a very very very amazing mechanic. And since I want to be an engineer... wow just wow I love Leo and that is allFrank-Honestly I don't like Frank that much. But he's there when everyone needs him and he's there to save the day whenever people need his.. bravery. But yes. He's great, in his own way.In this book I was sort of surprised and then again not surprised by my foreshadowing skills. Prophecies aren't supposed to make sense until it's too late, but I found myself making sense of the prophecies before any of the characters did. (; I think Riordan did it on purpose. LOL.Rick Riordan must be a god. It amazes me how he can weave these words together just like Arachne can weave them webs. That man is truly amazing. I don't know if it's his writing or if it's just the mythology that I love- but yeah. ALL I CARE IS THAT IT'S AMAZING AND YES, IT IS AMAZING.I can't wait for the next book.