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Liesl & Po

Liesl & Po - Yes, people. You guessed right. I'm such a Lauren Oliver fan that I would read all her books, even the ones for children and in the Juvenile section in the library. Yes, I love her that much. And yes, Liesel & Po was just a temporary tranquilizer for me to stop throwing tantrums about more Lauren Oliver. (But what I really need is Requiem)Anyways, about this book. I liked it, actually. But since I'm such a wuss I really can't stand the ghosts. Seriously.. LOL.So Liesel is just a poor little orphaned girl who just lost her dad, and she's basically locked in the attic. Will is an orphan boy, a bit of a klutz, but he's likable anyway. Po is an it. (Most of the story, heheheh) Po is a ghost and Liesel doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl. Yeah. Po is awesome. In the end of the story I honestly think Lauren Oliver wanted to make this a Lena-Julian-Alex thing. In little kid version, LOL. I think this story is a mix of Cinderella and The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Barbie movie version, anyways) with a mix of Lauren-Oliver-style. Which was pretty cool. Lauren Oliver herself said in the Acknowledgements that this was the most personal book that she'd ever written and it means a lot to her. And I commend her for writing such an amazing book. In 2 freaking months. Only.Oh yes! The illustrations were amazing as well. Very detailed.Well, overall, I think you can tell I enjoyed this.