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Time Between Us

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone Okay, call me a judgmental person. At first I thought that this book was boring (shame on me shame on me shame on me) based on the cover. (I need to slap myself.) Usually, I dislike contemporary novels. A lot. With some exceptions. Well, as I've been reading more and more contemporary novels and a wee little less fantasy, dystopian, etc, I've come to realize that contemporary novels aren't so bad after all.I should have guessed it was about time travel based on the title, but I didn't really think that. Ugh. I thought that this was a normal contemporary novel.. however, it's time travel time travel time travel. How cool is that?!At first I was so set not to read this because it just wasn't a book that fit into my usual genres. But then I got this as a recommendation. 2 times. From people I trust with their book opinions. So I guess I had to give it a try. After all, I don't turn down recommendations.I've always been fascinated with time travel. I would do it if I could but the whole thing is kind of scary because of the butterfly effect and all, and especially that one story by Ray Bradbury.. A Sound of Thunder, I think. It just scared the crap out of me and I know the significance of time-travel and messing with stuff that was about to happen. Because we are all catalysts (sounds like something I could use in an essay).So the guy character. Bennett. I feel the need to talk about him first, LOL. He's the time-travel guy. He can teleport and time-travel. It's amazing because I want to be able to think of one place and then be there in a flash. I'd take the teleporting ability, but not the time-travel one, thanks. Ha. Now, the protagonist. Anna. She's a good protagonist. But she was really pushy and selfish and just plain annoying at specific times. Otherwise, she's fairly likable. The romance between Bennett and Anna? It was PEEEEERF. Yes, totally. PERF. Although I find it sort of strange how they live in different times.. how she's 17 years older than him. LOL. But they fell in love when they were -supposedly- the same age, if that makes sense, so everything's good.The ending is also perfect. It ended right where it should have ended, and I'm glad it ended that way and at that moment. If you think hard about this time & space travel thing it messes with your brain. LOL so just go with the flow..This was totally an amazing 368 pages and I wasn't even eager to finish it and yet I was so eager to finish it because I didn't want to finish such an amazing book but I didn't want to leave it alone because it was so amazing. My point is, I loved it, and finished it in one sitting. -it hurts me to think that I have to return this to the library-