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The Merchant of Death (Pendragon Series #1)

The Merchant of Death - D.J. MacHale I have to admit, this whole story was pretty good. This was highly recommended to me by a friend and YES I TRUST THAT FRIEND AND HER OPINIONS VERY MUCH. YEAH DALENA I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU LOL. Yes, I was totally satisfied. Dalena here said that this book wasn't as good as the other books in this series, and that's a pretty awesome fact to take in because this book was good already on its own. Bobby Pendragon is fourteen years old, the same age I am. However, the cover dude doesn't look it. The cover dude looks 8 years old. Just saying. Bobby doesn't look like that-- at least I hope he doesn't look like that, LOL. Bobby's attitude is so likable. So yes, he is a fairly likable protagonist. He reminds me a lot of Percy Jackson. A lot a lot.It all started with one single kiss and then things escalated quickly from there.Um, yes, I'm ready for the next 9 books. I'll just save my breath right now and talk about how awesome DJ MacHale is in the other reviews for books of this series..