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Born in Flames

Born in Flames - Candace Knoebel First of all, I would love to thank the author for sending me a PDF copy of this book, giving me a chance to engulf myself in Aurora's world for 313 pages.This book is basically about a girl, Aurora, who is transported to a different dimension at a young age, which is basically our dimension. Yeah, that's right, the human world, and it's her responsibility to find the three keys that can lead her back home when the time is right.In the beginning, that one guy basically said, "You'll find your way back with those keys even if you won't remember anything." And that sort of made me confused because, how can someone remember something that they can't remember? But eventually, throughout the book, I understood this concept.What I noticed about Candace Knoebel's writing is that she's really descriptive. So descriptive that I could hear, feel, see, and etc all the stuff she described. Crazy, right? It's like bringing false speculation to life. I thought it was pretty cool.Now the characters.Aurora. She has such a princessy name, but she acts nothing like the proper princess stereotype should act. Although I don't expect her to act like that. What I felt was that she acted really immature at times. I've concluded that she has anger issues and she's really annoying. I didn't really see any big and significant character development happen with her, except at the end where it was such a Eustace Scrubb moment, when she turns into a dragon and back into a human she's more.. you know. Respectable. Basically, what I'm saying is that her.. change made her a little more confident. But still annoying. Well, I can't really expect that much out of her because this whole story is a trilogy. Hopefully she'll show more signs of character development in the next books.Fenn. He's really awkward. LOL. I felt like I had to say that. He kind of reminds me of Simon from The Mortal Instruments series, (except Simon is 994809328490379073247289473892743298473289479328478327x hotter) because, in the beginning, Simon was so uncomfortable around Clary and tried to act 'cool'. Just like Fenn is doing. Unlike Simon, Fenn does not suddenly turn hot at the end of the book. LOL. But he's actually really nice. Except when he decides to be secretive or decides to push Aurora against the wall and yell at her. I feel like he's more than Aurora's protector. Since Aurora has more rage fits than he does, I feel like he's there as Aurora's calmer-downer. (LOL CALMER DOWNER WHAT)And there you go, the two main characters. Is it even worth discussing the antagonists? Ugh.I've read a lot of dragon books because I just like dragons, and I've seen a lot of interesting views on how a dragon should be, how a dragon can turn into a human, how a human can turn into a dragon, etc. Overall, this book was thoroughly enjoyable.