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Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia

Silver Phoenix - Cindy Pon Oh my God.OH MY GODWHAT THE HELLThat wasI loved this book. Period. It was such a fascinating read.I am Chinese myself, and I thoroughly enjoy Chinese dramas, btw, so whenever I read a Chinese Historical fiction I tend to recognize things as I read along. It makes me feel like I'm watching another TV drama. Fabulous. In this book, I not only recognized things but learned a few new things myself.Anyways, let's jump right in.Ai Ling is the main character. She's on the cover, as I'm assuming. So, she's really brave, reckless, and stubborn. Really persuasive. She has this amazing talent that I shall not share because that's spoiling. She's a really good heroine and protagonist.Chen Yong. Oh my goodness. He reminded me of Jem Carstairs from Cassandra Clare's TID series. And Jem is my absolute FAVORITE out of all the books I've read. SKLFJDSKL:JDSKLJFKSLJF CHEN YONG JUST REMINDED ME OF JEM SO MUCH. I DIED. Well mainly because Chen Yong is half Xian and half.. White, I'll just say. And Jem is half British and half Chinese. The similarities are the biggest there. Chen Yong is really brave. He seems sort of introverted but then again not really. He's different from all the other guys, that I know for sure. He's ready to draw his sword at any time to defend Ai Ling. He's never rash. When he's sad or angry he just keeps to himself. Absolutely, positively, LOVABLE, especially since he accompanied Ai Ling all that time when he didn't have to.Li Rong. Without him, Ai Ling's journey would have been flat and boring and awkward. Li Rong is so freaking awesome. I'm glad he stepped into their journey. And I'll always remember him. His death was heartbreaking. WHY DID HE HAVETA DIE The ending was just, ugh. I need the next book. NOW.Overall, this was an amazing, captivating, and exciting read. Definitely a recommendation! (Hopefully there's more romance in book 2)