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The Gift (Witch and Wizard Series #2)

The Gift  - Ned Rust, James Patterson The reason I actually bothered to read this book was because of the ending of Witch and Wizard that left all the readers hanging.Actually, the only reason I read this series at all was because it was highly recommended by my friend. Anyways, I have to say that I am guilty for underestimating James Patterson without even reading his books. Because I've been judging his writing from all the negative reviews his books get and, plus, my own sister, who shares almost the same opinions with me on book-related stuff, said this book was merely OKAY. A 7/10. And when I rate a book 7 out of 10 that's just a no.But then I read Witch and Wizard and thoroughly enjoyed it. Judging from most of the negative reviews I've read for that book, I picked up that the book trailer or something said this story was the next Harry Potter. And that's what got people's hopes up, I guess. And then after they read this they got brutally disappointed? That's the reason behind all the 1-star ratings, I guess. Because this story is NOTHING like Harry Potter, and the protagonists are NOTHING like Harry Potter, and just because they're witch and wizard does not make their story the next Harry Potter!Do I sound indignant? It's because I am. But thank God that I didn't see that book trailer that said it was the next Harry Potter because instead of that 4 stars up there, it would be a 1 star. This is what people get when they try to compare something with Harry Potter.. Okay well. The point is, I actually saw this story as its own thing and enjoyed it. Although the only things that kept it from being a 5 stars rating are that:-James Patterson's writing style. Oh, just no. I liked the plot he created. The plot was good enough to get this a 4-stars rating. But his writing. Oh my God, I think even a 10 year old could write like that.-The antagonist. Please. He's just so 'evil' isn't he? But why, why why why does he remind me of that doctor from Phineas and Ferb? Because he's just the little-kid-cartoon-character-antagonist that elementary school kids expect to meet.And really, that's it. This book is meant for middle-school kids but apparently a bunch of high school kids like me read it. Maybe adults won't enjoy this. Idk. It's definitely meant for teens.Other than that, the plot was just so akfjdakl;sjdklajl