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The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson Oh my God. I just typed my whole review and the page refreshed on its own. Oh my God. I am so irritated right now.Anyways, let me retype everything.. *sob*This book was so amazing. I just loved it a lot a lot a lot. Honestly, the only thing that led me to read this book was the cover and title. (The cover photo and the title mean so much to me after reading the book you don't even know. I'm not gonna share because, as readers, when curious, it's our duty to read a book and see what other readers are raving about. Yeah; I'm telling you to read this. Definitely a recommendation.) And when I read the synopsis I knew I had to get it. My friend was nice enough to bring my book-shopping list with her to Barnes and Noble and get me a copy of this book. Yays.So this book is basically about a princess who bears the Godstone. Apparently, she's one of the chosen. And she has to marry a king she doesn't even know so she can rule his land as his queen. Anyways, Elisa, the main character, is super-realistic and she's not perfect at all. She reminds me a lot of Harry Potter because both characters are just in denial. Harry goes "But I can't be a wizard. I'm just Harry." And Elisa goes "Why do I bear the Godstone? I'm not even special." Also she reminds me of Katniss Everdeen a little too, because of all they've been through. But more of Harry.Elisa is fat. Yeah, I'm not even gonna walk around the fact that she's fat. I've recently read Donna Cooner's SKINNY, and after that, I realize how life must be like when people don't like you because you're fat. And in Elisa's case, people are forced to like her because she's the princess. I just find it SO wrong when people get made fun of or ignored because of their size. Okay, so Elisa lost weight from the beginning to the end, and that's what reminded me of Katniss. Because Katniss has been through a lot too and she lost a lot of weight. The author personally said that she worried her readers would get the impression that she was trying to imply Elisa wasn't good or useful or pretty when she was fat and everyone liked her better when she was skinny, so she used a lot of points in the book to point out that Elisa's stronger now after what she's been through and it doesn't matter that she's skinnier at all. She uses the other characters' attitude towards Elisa's weight loss to prove it. Which I think is pretty cool. She writes really well. And it's her debut novel, too. Amazing. She writes so well that she wrenched at my heart. WHY DID HUMBERTO HAVE TO DIE I JUST REALIZED HOW FRAGILE A HUMAN LIFE IS LIKE THEY JUST SLIT HIS THROAT AND MY PRECIOUS HUMBERTO DIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD UGHHHHHHHHHHH HE WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH ELISA BUT HE DIEDOne thing I liked about this book was that there were a lot of exhilarating twists (some unpleasant, I admit) and the plot is SO unpredictable, just like the plot of James Dashner's The Maze Runner.The romance. Was just perf perf perf perf perf fjaklsjak;ldjaklja;lkja PERFECT OKAY I LOVED ITIT WAS PERFECT-- UNTIL-- *CRIES* BUT IT WAS STILL PERFECT WHILE IT LASTEDI totally recommend this book. Definitely.