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Hidden (Firelight Series)

Hidden - Sophie Jordan I can't believe I'm done with this whole series. I'm done. What?! I'm done?!Ugh. So after reading book 1, I wasn't so sure about reading book 2 and 3 because book 1 was OKAY. And the only reason I finished the series was because I was super curious about the plot. And after reading book 2 barely yesterday, I knew I had to read book 3. AND I ENDED UP LOVING THIS SERIES SO MUCH ERMAGERRRDThe covers are gorgeous okay and the author has this killer imagination I just LOVE. I basically said everything I needed to say about this whole series in my reviews for the first and second book. Okay my point is I really liked this series and I hate it (love it) when I like both guys in a love triangle. Definitely a love triangle.This review among others can be found on my blog http://bookaholicness.com~ Visit me!