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Scarlet Woods (Book 1 of the Scarlet Woods Trilogy)

Scarlet Woods - Brooke Passmore OH MY FREAKING HELLTHIS BOOK. Was so freaking amazing.First, let me thank the author, Brooke Passmore, for sending me an EPUB copy of her book. And then, let me thank Kayla, the blog tour hostess, for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this fantabulous story. Without these ladies, I would have never bothered to read this book.Yeah, I totally got attracted by the cover. It's so gorgeous. That was the main thing that made me put this book on my already-overflowing TBR list. (It's still 60+ if you're wondering..) I was so excited to read it. Because, well, yeah. It sounded so GOOD. AND THE SUMMARY IS JUST ENCHANTING, OKAY. Enough about that-So, the plot. The main character, Morgan Westbrook(cover girl) is from 2013. Danny Carson is from 1863. Oh yeah, let's say everyone, EVERYONE-- at first, knows (thinks) that they won't meet. But when they come across the power of time travel- oh, do things change. Let's just say that a horse brought them together. (JUST LIKE DISNEY'S TANGLED. HOW ROMANTIC.)Anyways, I can't really say any more specifics because that would be totally spoiling.The author, definitely, makes learning history FUN. RIDICULOUSLY FUN AND INTERESTING. Well, technically, I didn't really learn anything historical, but that's all because I learned it in my US History course I took last year. Thank God I took that course first. Wait, am I actually thanking my boring old guy of a teacher? Ugh. Guess I am. Totally. If I didn't take that course I would have been so clueless. My point is, this is a really good historical fiction book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there. Now the time travel. That was the main thing that got me interested. If there were no mention of time travel in the book synopsis I wouldn't have read it at all. I think I love time travel so much all because of this one Asian drama I watched. It's about this girl that goes back in time to Ancient China (falling from the sky, with her iPod and all) and falls in love with the prince. I think the main point of her going back in time is to change history. And it's dangerous. But it was really good and I was obsessed with it for quite a time. And this book just reminded me of it greatly. Except I'm a lot more interested in US History than Chinese history, to be honest.So, Morgan seems kind of annoying and persistent and everything, but she gets better later. She loves to read. Which is good. Later in the book she proves herself to be a strong female protagonist. Very, very strong. -wink wink-And Danny. How much do I love fictional guys from the 1800's? They're so POLITE. And ermahgerd. Danny. Perf. I wasn't sure how he still had abs after eating so much though.. LOL. Danny sort of talks like he's a modern guy. But not that much. I suppose. BUT SERIOUSLY.This book made me cry. Yeah, unashamed. So freaking gorgeously written. When I found out this book was a trilogy I was like YES YES YES!!But I have to waaaaaait. How sad. So sad.Did I mention this book is super fabulous and a total must-read? When it actually comes out in paperback (Ebook format is coming out soon), I want everyone to buy a copy! Now I'm just gonna crawl into a corner and hibernate 'till book 2 comes out..