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Origin - Jessica Khoury Oh. My. Goodness. This book was so good I can't even breathe. Okay, I've been wanting to read it for a long time, because of its gorgeous cover and everything, and I didn't expect it to be all that good because every time I expect something to be good by judging a book by its cover, I get so majorly disappointed. BUT. BUT THIS BOOK. WOW. THE STORY IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE COVER. WJKFJKSOWUEROIKD:FJAFHSDJFSDJLFLDS SO FREAKING AMAZING. I first heard/saw of this book on the side of the Goodreads homepage. So thank you, Goodreads. That ad totally caught my attention. And then my city's library had this huge book giveaway and like omg omg I saw this book there. I was literally screaming in my head. I couldn't stay away from the Dystopian genre for long. I love love love Dystopia. Anyways, enough of that..So, the main character, Pia, is 'perfect'. She's immortal, actually. Which makes her indestructible and forever young. (Ermahgerd, stuck at age 17. Guess which sparkly vampire that reminds me of. Thank God Pia isn't a vamp.) Which kind of annoys me because she's always like, "I'M PERFECT I'M PERFECT I'M PERFECT." Which is kind of conceited. And all the people around her treat her like she's precious. I guess she is. Because she's the only immortal in Little Cam, and they need her to create more immortals. Now, the immortality is only possible because of that one purple flower, called elysia, the one she's holding in her hand on the cover. That flower has the power to make people immortal, and , originally, she thought that it could kill immortals, but.. it actually makes immortals turn mortal. So it's basically an on-and-off switch.There's this character, Harriet Fields. Aka Dr. Fields. Aka Dr. Klutz. And later, Aunt Harriet. (A lot of fictional aunts are named Harriet. I guess it has a nice ring to it.)Or just Harriet. She has a lot of names. At first, I didn't even know if she was trustworthy or not. But oh-ho. She dumps the truth of herself in your face afterwards, once you get to know her better. She's a huge part of the story.The author does a really good job of foreshadowing. Like, I totally guessed something like that would happen. I also thought something would happen to the pet. Because something always happens to the pet. It seems that authors just love killing off innocent animals-- and that make readers cry. ERRRRGH. (But I'm glad to say that that didn't happen. Thank God.)And since this is a Dystopian society, Pia doesn't really know anything that the adults don't want her to know. They're so secretive it's annoying. So she's like, "OMG. THERE'S A WORLD OUTSIDE OF LITTLE CAM?! GASP! LITTLE CAM CAN'T BE THAT SMALL DOT ON THE MAP OF THE WORLD. IMPOSSIBLE." It was kind of annoying. But then again, I can't really blame her, because she grew up around secrets kept from her and that's why she wants to be a scientist so bad- so she can be let in on the secrets. I'm just glad that she was curious (curiosity killed the cat, I know, but since she's immortal she can't be killed, so YOLO.) and tried to find things out by herself. If she was the obedient little girl they all wanted her to be, I would be bored out of my mind.Science is a big part in this book, by the way. It's like, really really really really important. Suspenseful chapter endings are the absolute best. Like, ermahgerd. They just keep a reader going. Every single end-of-chapter, I was like, WHAT?! WHAT! WHAT WHAT WHAT. GIVE ME MORE. And I was so glad that I had pages to turn.This is a really good example of what the character wants at first and what she wants at the end of the story because of what changed.This book sort of reminds me of Catherine Knuttson's Shadows Cast by Stars because the setting is a lot alike. Dystopias, with a hint of old-fashioned-ness with the tribes and everything. They live in the freaking forest. Not your typical dystopia~ Which is pretty cool!As I got further into the book, I realized that Pia was a bit insecure with herself despite her constant self-reassurances that she was perfect. She always wanted to live up to everyone's expectations but I realized that she doesn't really know she can. She's actually nervous. Her character is not likable in the first few chapters, but she gets a lot better later into the book. She has this attitude about her that makes her readers nervous, though, because she's like, adding fuel to the fire. BAD. But what I like about her is that she's a strong protagonist.Anyways, Eio is a guy she meets when she sneaks out of the fence. He's always top-naked and she tends to look at his abs-- but let's not talk about that yet. So he's part of the Ai'oan tribe and they Ai'oans trade with the Little Cambridge scientists. They are like, frenemies. If that makes sense at all. Anyways, I LOVE HIS SUPER-HOTNESS (what a hunk. He reminds me of Alex from Lauren Oliver's Delirium by physical appearance.). But what I like more is that he's persistent. When a girl pushes him away he keeps chasing her until he gets his chance to apologize. Which just reminds me of Alex from Delirium. If you haven't read Delirium, feel free to skip hidden spoiler paragraph.So when Alex tells Lena he's an Invalid, she just immediately gets creeped out and swims away from him. He calls to her, but she's like GUHHH AWAY and he doesn't follow her. Which sucks. Because if he followed her things could have been different. So, Eio, in this book, is different. Pia goes "EIO I DON'T NEED YOU" (much harsher than Lena, btw.), and Eio chases after her, "HEY! YOU'RE NOT GOING BACK BY YOURSELF! I'M SORRY!" Which is great. Love him.The romance is so freaking perfect. I was like on the edge of my seat the whole time. The author is such a great writer. And a soccer coach. Wow. Anyways, I totally recommend this book! It was so good.