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Before I Fall

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Okay. I only read this book because I totally love Lauren Oliver and her writing. And when I finished this I was reminded of how freaking awesome her writing is. AMAZING.So the plot. The main character is killed on Valentine's Day. And then she wakes up the next day ON Valentine's Day, in her own bed, just like, ahem, deja vu. And then she changes the day a little, and then the next day, she wakes up on Valentine's Day AGAIN, in her own bed. Reliving the day over and over again. She's trying to get out of it, which just leads to crazy things that she does that no one will remember in 24 hours just because. And she starts over and over and over again with a clean slate, but that's not necessarily good because she has to fall in love over and over again which just is so frustrating."Your kiss was the best one I had in my entire life.""But I never kissed you.."Anyways, she really tries to redeem herself and sees what she did wrong in those 10 days of reliving the same day over and over again. The amount of character development in this book is SO EVIDENT. Actually, I never thought the main character, Samantha, was bad at all. She just followed the lead of her friends. But she changed, which is the main part.This book reminds me of David Levithan's Every Day and Alex Flinn's Bewitching because, like EVERY DAY, the main characters is forced to live a day that she doesn't exactly want to. And they both do reckless things just because no one will know except themselves. It's different, but still the same. LOL. And like Bewitching, there's social bullying problems and at least one of the characters are a $*32$!@(#*$*#@$)&#@%&DFSKLJFSKL:DJ. yeah. You get it. It's just like Bewitching and Every Day mixed and mashed together, with the awesome extra ingredient of Lauren Oliver's writing style. The romance is so freaking perfect I'm going to cry. Even if things happened that way, even if he forgot everything day after day, he was still in love with her from the start and the chemical romance ugh omg so beautifulThe whole living Valentine's Day over again was a fun idea because she got to try out different things every day and see the outcome, and if she didn't like it she could start over tomorrow. But it got pretty frustrating after a while. Honestly I was waiting for the day she would wake up after Valentine's Day and live her life.And yeah, that's pretty much it!It was really good. Loved loved loved it.Check out my full blog review! http://bookaholic-ness.blogspot.com/2012/11/book-review-before-i-fall-by-lauren.html