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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3)

Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3) - My emotions. MY FREAKING EMOTIONS. MY EMOTIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THEY'RE DEAD. THIS BOOK TORE MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST AND STOMPED ON IT. WHY. WHY. DOES THIS SOUND REALLY DRAMATIC? I'M SORT OF LISTENING TO ONE DIRECTION'S NEW ALBUM AND IT GOT ME ALL PUMPED UPALSO IT DOESN'T HELP THAT THIS BOOK ALREADY GOT ME PUMPED UP IN THE FIRST PLACEI need to stop typing in caps lock. Okay. Okay. -inhale- -exhale- -doesn't work so I start hyperventilating all over again-Where to start.How do I even start a review for a book like this. I'm literally SHAKING because of this.Wow. What a conclusion.I already loved the first two books like effing hell already. And this book came along and increased my love by 89095989014789178924% for this freaking series. Patrick Ness had to do this to me. This book is the book of the trilogy where all the puzzle pieces come together. This book is the book in which the stupid effing Spackle 1017 has a POV. Why. Just thinking about what he did makes me want to tear out my hair and chew my fingernails. But I am remaining composed. Patrick Ness and his freaking suspenseful writing. I can't breathe. It already stole my soul and then this book stole my freaking heart. It tore it to pieces.Todd. Viola. Viola and Todd. There were finally traces of romance. I was like, FINALLY. TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH. UGH. I was smiling like a freaking maniac okay I admit it and I'm unashamed. (All Lee does is have sexual fantasies in the corner)Viola changed a lot. Todd loves to tell himself to shut up..They both scream each other's names alot in this book."VIOLA!!!!!""TODD!!!!!!"Which is really romantic.Now that I look back I realize that all the titles are super-creative. Wow.It's strange. Whenever an animal dies in a book I always cry or something like that. And whenever an animal dies in real life I just feel a pang of pity and sadness but I don't even cry. And I don't even LIKE animals that much from the very start anyway! (I feel really insane right now. Do I sound insane.)That moment when you think, "All's well that ends well." but then something else happens and ruins EVERYTHING. One day if I meet the author I'll scream at his face, "WHY!!!!???"My freaking emotions. I lost them. I spilled them all up.What am I gonna do with my life now. Why does it have to end like this. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. omg the author lives in London I wonder if he has a British accentSo, if you didn't catch on earlier: THIS SERIES IS 100% FABULICIOUS AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. SOMETHING LIKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE MISSED!Do you know how long I stared at that last word. Wow, what an ending.Anyways, check out my blog review! http://bookaholic-ness.blogspot.com/2012/11/book-review-monsters-of-men-by-patrick.html