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Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles) - Alex Flinn Okay, so I really love Alex Flinn's writing.I've been wanting to read this since like, forever. I got it on my ereader, and then yeah. I finally read it. It's actually pretty good.Mainly focused on Kendra's POV, about the people she met/helped (or not) besides Kyle, from BEASTLY. But then it's like this: A character she meets has a big point of view in the story. And then she cuts in like a commentary person. It's pretty cool. And then another character has a POV. And then she comments. And then another character has a POV. And then character 1 goes back to their POV, with Kendra commenting all along.So, the first character was Emma. The second was Prince Louis.The third one was the mermaid Doria.Let's say that fairy tales aren't really what they seem. (Sleeping Beauty got raped in the real one?!)So, the Prince Louis one is sort of like Princess and the Pea. He wants to marry but the mother doesn't let any of the princesses 'pass her test'. The mermaid one, evidently, is about The Little Mermaid. (Okay. It didn't end HAPPILY EVER AFTER like the Disney movie. Disney gives us false impressions..)The one I really wanted to read the whole time was Emma's story. It's just modern day. She's not skinny, she's not THAT fat, she's not beautiful, but not ugly. She's not exactly the perfect, strong, female protagonist we all would like to get to know. She has conflicts in school. She can't fit in. And then guess who fucking comes along. (I will be using cuss words because it's necessary. LOL. Usually I won't.) Lisette. I just HATE that bitch. Okay. I don't think I hated anyone more than Dolores Umbridge, Voldemort, or all those evil antagonists. That was different, though, because, everyone knows that Dolores Umbridge and Voldemort are EEEEEEEEVVIIIILL and they can go against them with all their might. Well, Lisette.That fucking bitch should go die in a fucking hole. She FAKED being nice and perfect. She had all the looks and whenever someone was mean to her, she would just talk about her dead mother and start crying. And she had to steal everything from Emma. It's evil evil evil. She stole her father, stole her earrings, stole her room, stole her BOYFRIEND. Her fucking idiot BOYFRIEND. Oh man. OH MAN. I hate it when the antagonist turns nice at the end. I don't know what would have made me happy. If she got stabbed to death then I still wouldn't be happy because Emma suffered more than that. In the last few pages, Emma found someone else. They were being awkwardly forward.. I still wanted her to be with her old boyfriend. Seriously.Of course, Kendra was a really nice friend and a huge help in this book. After all, she's on the book cover! (:Overall, I really enjoyed this book.