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Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1)

Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1) - This book was actually pretty good! Honestly the only thing that attracted me was the fab fab fab cover of this book. Girl with purple hair and purple makeup and flowers. I'm reading it! LOLOL. The summary is pretty awesome too. Even if I'm not a huge fan of werewolves, I still thought this book was great.The ending of this book. Ohmygod. WHY MUST IT END THEREEEEEEEEEEE. I'm gonna die. This is one of those books in which you can't really decide on the guy she should end up with. It's a lot like Ally Condie's MATCHED, now that I think about it. Not the plot- just the romance. In this case, Ren is Xander, and Shay is Ky. (I love that name, Ren. Short for Renier. Skip Beat. Holla. REN TSURUGA FOR LIFE OK) (I always thought Shay was a girl name because of UGLIES. But then again it's short for Seamus. I like that name. Seamus.) Ren and Calla are like, meant to be. It's arranged. Calla likes Ren and Ren likes Calla. But then Shay comes along and Calla can't help but be attracted to him because she's seen him before. Like seriously omg. YEAH SHAY JUST INTERRUPT ON THEIR PERFECT ROMANCE. When it comes to Xander and Ky, I'm totally on Ky's side. But in this book, no matter how similar the romance is, I'm on Team Ren. Because. First of all, Shay seems a bit squeamish and not as hot as Ren. It's so visible through his attitude. Really. And second of all, he seems like a little brother to Calla instead of a lover. He acts younger than he is? I guess. But then he just lets Ren bully him and all that. Not cool.And that's actually all I have to say! Yeah. Quite a short review.