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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - I've only read M. Stiefvater's The Scorpio Races, and when I saw this, I wanted to read it immediately- I wanted to see for myself of if she has a different writing style in every one of her books.Anyways, guess what! Liana says more romance. (: They didn't even kiss. It was so depressing oh my god I can't even. Apparently Blue was going to kill her true love if she kissed them. I really appreciated the mini-romance between Blue and Gansey, but then Adam was like right there. Holla, he's hot too. And he actually likes her a lot- he even told her. He got her flowers and everything and told her he wanted to kiss her but she said "No, I don't want to harm you." Sigh.So, every end of every chapter was beautifully written- they were all suspenseful, which just CAUSES a reader to want to read the next chapter already. Perfection! It all made up for the romance's absence. Also, the author does a ridiculously GREAT job of foreshadowing you just KNOW what's going to happen. The imminent events are predictable- gasp!I really like this book better than The Scorpio Races. I mean, The Scorpio Races? I didn't even know what was happening the whole time except for the end-ish. (Where the romance began.) Yes, this is how teen YA readers are, ok. More romance more romance more romance. We are so expectant.If you read the summary, you get the impression that Raven Boys(Aglionby students) are rich snob man-whore jerks. But they're actually really nice. Well, at least Gansey and his friends are.This book's plot and setting may be set differently from The Scorpio Races, but the protagonists are REALLY alike. I have yet to read Stiefvater's Shiver.And I guess that's it! Overall, it was better than I thought it would be- pretty good!