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Princess of the Silver Woods (Twelve Dancing Princesses)

Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George I loved this book! It was so fantabulous like omg. When I got access to this book, I was like, NO WAY! I've been waiting for this book to come out for MONTHS and I got an ARC copy? Yeah, I was ecstatic.I have to say, Jessica Day George's covers just attract me like crazy. They're BEAUTIFUL. Ok, anyways.This book, as most people know, was a third in the Westfalin trilogy. And people are all complaining, "I didn't know it was a 3rd so I was all lost blah blah blah" and they rated this book something low because they couldn't follow along with the story. Oh. Ok, really now. I've read ALL JDG's published books, Dragon Slippers Trilogy, Sun and Moon Ice and Snow, Tuesdays at the Castle, and books 1 and 2 in the Westfalin Trilogy, and now, the third one as well! I loved ALL of them, which was why I was so excited to read this book at all. Honestly, people shouldn't be THAT confused. There are different main characters in the three books! Book 1: Rose. Book 2: Poppy. Book 3: Petunia. I would have felt better if JDG wrote 12 books in this series for every princess, but I guess that would be too much dragging on with the not-yet-dead antagonists. And too much to write. And too much to read. But then Petunia isn't exactly my favorite. She's one of the youngest, and it seems that she acts so tough but isn't really tough on the inside. Sorta like a tomboy princess. I didn't really like her in the beginning of the book, but she got much better in the latter half.Reading this book made me realize how fun it was to read JDG's writing, to visit the princesses again. In this book, there were parts that make you double over and laugh so hard, parts that make you want to cry, parts that just make you smile because of the romantic cuteness, and huge twists that just make you gasp and widen your eyes.In the beginning, when Oliver, the main male role in this book, was introduced, I just KNEW that Petunia was going to fall in love with him. He kind of fell in love with her first. But yeah, it's so cute. Oh, and readers: Be warned. There's a major twist protagonist/antagonist-wise that will probably make you want to flip tables.Anyways, the ending was ridiculously cute too. I seriously love how Rose and Galen were in all three books. Probably why Rose is my favorite, because she's the most mature and I got to know her before the others. Overall, this book was as great as I thought it would be!