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White Cat (Curse Workers, Book 1)

White Cat - Holly Black I finally got to read this book because of my school's book club! It was good, but not GREAT. What I was looking for was a storyline more concentrated on romance, but it wasn't really. It was mainly concentrated on curses and the curse workers and everything. The ending was really abrupt. I was like, "oh." Usually endings always make me show a reaction, either repressing the urge to throw the book across the room or just merely smiling at the cute ending. But then this book was all like, BLAH-- THE END. I know there's a sequel but I can't really imagine the story continuing. I don't know.Anyways, yeah, despite the awkwardness of it, it was actually pretty good! I liked it. It's a great Modern Fantasy. My first thought was Asian Dramas when I saw the book trailer for this book. I was like, character turned into cat. I don't know. I think I watched too much Asian dramas like that.I think the author loves cats a LOT. LOL. In the beginning was the dedication to all the fictional cats she killed in her books, which I found slightly amusing.And I guess that's all!