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City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments)

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare I'm done. Oh my goodness. Why. This was THE book, of THE year that I did NOT want to finish. No, not because of it's tedious-ness or something. It's because it's too fabulous and I DON'T WANT TO WAIT 2 YEARS FOR THE NEXT BOOK. I can't. I literally yelled, "OH. MY. GOD." on the last page of this book. Cassandra Clare loves to torture me with her scary cliffhangers. She just DOES. As I read Book 1-4 of this series, I didn't mind the cliffhangers at all because I HAD THE NEXT BOOK. But in this situation, I'm gonna die waiting. I'll be an old maid and ugh. I won't remember anything.WHY.So, technically, City of Glass was supposed to be the last book in the series. Bad guy dies, everyone is happy, the lovers can be together. 5ever. Yay. And then City of Fallen Angels comes along and everyone is so happy to continue the story and then they wait for City of Lost Souls and omg wowI'm not one of those people, though, because I ended up reading City of Bones when City of Lost Souls was published for quite a few months already. But now I have to wait for Book 6?! GAHH. People, keep fandoming with me ok. I don't EVER want to forget this series. Now all because of this series I'll have a lackluster attitude towards all the other books I read between now and 2016. I tell you that Jace is the most arrogant character EVER even in his horrible state. So, here comes the spoilers. Because I can't get anything else out without spilling my thoughts. And I WILL have to look back at this review to know what was in here when I get my hands on City of Heavenly Fire.Oh yes, and I read this book long enough (4 days) and I was probably known as the insane book girl who carried the 535 page black hardcover book everywhere. But since I'm done.. (;So like, you all know how Sebastian was controlling Jace, right. A lot of people said that Jace was really hate-able and he's NOT CUTE in this book. But I don't really know why. I still like Jace, but I'm Team Simon 5ever. Anyways, um. Jace couldn't control that he was being controlled! But I still can't omg. Wow this spoiler section ended up being really short. Oh wells.This book just omg. It. omg. I can't. It's so fabulous I'm speechless.The action.The tension.The suspense.The romance.I love all of it.And I can't wait till 2014! WHYYYYYY.It wanted to make me cry various times. Because of the several almost-deaths of many important characters!And yes, I have to admit. This book has the sexiest cover of all the books in the series. (; THELOVERS. Even though I have to admit that the cover for City of Fallen Angels is pretty sexy too.I guess that's it. Fellow TMI lovers, I know you feel my pain. If you haven't read this series, I know you must think I'm insane. LOL. Anyways, GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T! It's definitely a MUST-READ!