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The Princess Bride (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

The Princess Bride - William Goldman This first caught my eye when I was at Barnes and Noble. I needed a good thick book to read, and this book just looked so fab. Like, omg. It's worth the 7 dollars that I bought it for.It may look like a boring old Classical school assigned book, but it's not. Boring, I mean. It's everything BUT boring.It's so fabulous I think I'm gonna dieAnyways, yeah. It's a really really really heart-wrenching, Medieval, Moral, and FABULOUSLY INTERESTING adventure story. And yes, happy ending! Yay.This is one of those books in which you'll hate the antagonist SO bad, omg. And maybe you will dislike the protagonist in the beginning.What I didn't like was that the girl was always dependent on others- she was always the maiden in distress. But I guess it has to fit the story.After I finished the book, I watched the movie. And surprisingly, it's actually a pretty good and legit version of the book!Well yeah. If you're too lazy to read the book, watch the movie.