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City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments)

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare I have to say that all the negative reviews for this book weren't really worth reading. I speak for myself, so everyone calm down. HAHA.Anyways, it was better than I thought it would be! I only read this book because I really want to finish the Mortal Instruments and the suspense is absolutely killing me.This book has a cliffhanger ending- typical for a Cassandra Clare.So, at the end of City of Glass, you have no idea how cute it was unless you've actually read it, of course. But it was too cute! And a lot of people said that this book was going to ruin EVERYTHING. Well, first of all, Cassandra Clare meant to end the series at City of Glass, and shouldn't you all be glad that she actually wrote more? She's writing a book 6 now. City of Glass may be the solution to everything, but City of Fallen Angels is like, way too fab. It's like a really really really long epilogue. (This book is only 423 pages. Shortest in the series.) This book has a new antagonist, of course, since the original antagonist died at the end of Book 3. And now the suspense is killing me. I have to read City of Lost Souls!! Gaaaah. But my TBR list is drowning me.Anyways, by the end of book 3, most of TMI series fans were probably on Team Simon. This book was most likely written so people can like Jace so much more. I DO like him a little more, but I'm still Team Simon. I'm Team Simon 5ever.I really like this cover. Simon and Clary. (': My sister thought the dude was Jace. Srsly. Someone tell her he has blonde hair and he's not hot as Simon.There are new characters introduced in this book. I think, like, 1. (LOL)It turns out that one of the old antagonists are still alive, and caused the stupid cliffhanger ending. And there's a new antagonist. Which is really bad because she's supposed to be dead but I saw the summary for City of Lost Souls and SHE'S NOT DEAD.I had expected City of Lost Souls to be the grand ending of this series, but it turns out C Clare is writing a 6th. Huh. (PS. NOTHING CAN BEAT HARRY POTTER. JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE.)And, I guess that's all I have to say! This series has changed my life. Maybe that's too dramatic. Fine. This series changed my Top 10 list of favorite books so dang much.