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Blood To Blood

Blood to Blood - Ife Oshun First of all, I would like to thank Ife for sending me a review PDF copy of this book, giving me the opportunity to read it!So. Usually, I don't really like vampires that much, (yeah, thanks to Twilight for that.)but this was an exception! The cover looks really cool, and the summary is great as well. I would say it's a Modern/Paranormal/Romance story. The romance is not too slow and not too forward. I was completely oblivious to what would happen at the end, who Angel, the main character, would end up with. It is definitely MUCH better than Twilight, just to put that out there. The romance is actually believable here. In the story, the main character wants to drop out of school so she can live her life as a famous singer, but her parents are being parent-like and only would let her if they had access to all her thoughts. Angel then meets Sawyer, thinking he's all moody and stuff. She meets Justin, her blood donor, and they start to build this sort of relationship. But then Sawyer comes and ruins that relationship, and then yeah! The romance begins~(Or should I say, continues.)Fans of vampires: You can't afford to miss out on this.. vampalicious~ book!And I guess that's all I have to say.